Notes on Webmail at TRIUMF

The Squirrelmail web-based mail is not connected directly to the mail engine; it uses IMAP just like Thunderbird, Pine etc. to get your mail from the server and then presents it on the page. So everything you do with webmail is done the same way as it would be with a desktop IMAP client.


Users may wish to configure their mail clients (Thunderbird, Squirrelmail, Pine etc.) to use the same folder for sent mail if they use both methods regularly.


Access to your email is protected by a password; however your mail goes over much of the network in clear to its final destination, and may sit in a queue on disk in clear. Think of email as a postcard, rather than a registered letter. Just because a postcard signed "Fidel Castro" arrives in your box with a Cuban stamp, doesn't mean that it was written by the dictator, has not been read by 12 postal workers, or was even posted in Cuba.

If you use someone elses PC to access your mail, they may be able to steal your password - either deliberately, or because their PC is infected with a virus. Exiting the browser after use should prevent an uninfected PC from staying logged in.

If you are truly paranoid about email security and privacy, use an end-to-end encryption tool such as PGP, and use it regularly so that traffic analysis doesn't show that you suddenly have secrets.

- Do not forget to log out after reading your mail! -


A P3P-compliant privacy policy has been added to trmail. This policy should be visible in Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape 7 if you select "View Page Info", "Privacy". The policy is required in order for cookies to be accepted by your browser when using certain privacy settings. (human-readable version)

Andrew Daviel